vtkMath::Jacobi: Error extracting eigenfunctions

I’m having some trouble running the groom step on ~40 stl files. I get:

[ 8F41] vtkMath.cxx:814 WARN| vtkMath::Jacobi: Error extracting eigenfunctions

Hundreds of times throughout the process, efficetively stalling the application.

I’m using a Macbook Pro with the M2 pro chip.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled about 3 times on 6.4.2, and also tried to newest development build from github.

This is my first time using a Mac, but I don’t fully understand the directory responsible for “Generic Warning: In /Users/runner/build/vtk/Common/Core/vtkMath.cxx, line 814”, this doesn’t seem to be an active directory where I can actually look at any of the VTK source code.

If anyone has any experience using a Mac, please let me know! Thanks!

My best guess is that there is a topological problem with one or more of the STLs and the ACVD remeshing is having a problem with it. You might try reducing the dataset to see if there is a particular problem mesh and then loading it into something like MeshLab or MeshMixer that will show many types of mesh errors (and often some ways to fix them).

You can turn off the remeshing, but if there are topological problems, they can affect the ShapeWorks optimization as well and should ideally be fixed beforehand.