Using STL files from Mimics for Shape Analysis

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone may be able to help me with some errors I am receiving. Briefly, we have segmented MRI images in Mimics and exported STL files of tibiae. I get the following two errors when trying to Groom the data set of 6 tibiae using the default values:

  1. Warning: Generic Warning: In C:\bdeps\vtk\Common\Core\vtkMath.cxx, line 1334 Unable to factor linear system

  2. Warning: Generic Warning: In C:\bdeps\vtk\Common\Core\vtkMath.cxx, line 814 vtkMath: :Jacobi: Error extracting eigenfunctions

I would greatly appreciate some guidance and please let me know if any additional information is required.

Thanks so much!

Can you tell which operation is throwing these warnings?

If possible, could you share one of the STL files with me?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell. However, these are the settings I ran. I also just sent an email with one of the STLs. Thanks again for the help! I greatly appreciate it.


I believe the cause is that this mesh has additional unconnected vertices:

It appears to be only a warning though. Does the grooming still appear to be complete/correct?

We should add a mesh ‘isolate’ step to select the largest connected component.

Thank you so much for the help. The grooming does complete and I believe it looks correct. However, are there specific things I should look for to make sure the grooming is done properly?