Constrain landmarks to particular features

Hi Shapeworks Team, I am loving studio and have been playing around with a few datasets in v6.2.1. A common problem is how to restrict the landmarking to meaningful areas (e.g. not on the cut femur shaft). I can see a constraint function on the webpages (femur-cutting-planes.html) but it doesn’t look like this has made it to the stable studio version yet? Do I have to ditch studio and move to python? Or is there another fix, like editing the xls file.

Cutting plane constraints are currently being added to Studio and the projects xls spreadsheet and should be available soon. Until then, the python examples show how to set up constraints in the old style XML file.

You don’t have to use Python to use them, but if you run the example, you can examine the resulting XML file to see how cutting planes are defined.