Using LDA on more than two classes


I am trying to use shapeworks to compare the anatomy of three patient groups. I have mostly used the studio so far, and it gives a great visualization of the groupwise difference in the morphology. However, it is stuck to just comparing two groups at a time.

With the command line is it possible to run the underlining function with 3 or more groups. If not would it be easy enough to run it with the particles in another package and bring the results back to shapeworks to visualise ?



Hi Rob,

As of now, ShapeWorksStudio does not support group differences beyond two groups. We are planning to expand on this and support more than two groups. Yet, we haven’t made progress thus far on this.

Please feel free to submit a feature request on ShapeWorks GitHub issue tracker and we will add more discussions on the issue as we do progress on this. This will help us prioritize this feature as an action item.