Welcome to ShapeWorks Discussion Forum!

What is ShapeWorks?

ShapeWorks is a free, open-source, cross-platform software tool that uses a flexible method for automated construction of statistical landmark-based shape models of ensembles of anatomical shapes.

Why using ShapeWorks?

ShapeWorks is the only publicly available tool that learns a population-specific shape representation in a way that respects population variability without relying on a user-defined template/atlas. It produces more detailed surface-to-surface correspondences than traditional landmark-based approaches.

ShapeWorks can be used for both segmentations and surface meshes of general anatomy with arbitrary topology. Its optimized approach offers increased power for testing hypotheses of shape and shape differences, captures subtle shape variations, and decreases observer bias for reproducible scientific results.

What to discuss on ShapeWorks discussion forum?

This forum is a place for ShapeWorks users to discuss how to customize shape modeling workflows for their own use cases, troubleshoot issues end-users facing when using ShapeWorks, keep track of suggestions to improve the software and documentation, and ensure awareness of the latest ShapeWorks tools within the research community.

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