ShapeWorks 6.2 is released! New Features in Studio & More

Dear ShapeWorks Users,

We are excited to announce the new release of our software, ShapeWorks 6.2!

New features include: modeling multi-organ/bone anatomies, evaluating shape models, deep learning for inferring shape models directly from images, and new mesh and grooming tools.

To download installation packages for Windows/Mac/Linux and/or the source code, please visit

Watch a tour for ShapeWorks Studio 6.2 new features here

Want to know all new features added to the 6.2 release, see is the official announcement

Please don’t hesitate to post your comments and questions on the discussion forums. ShapeWorks dev team is more than happy to help troubleshoot issues that you might face when using ShapeWorks on your data.

Reporting bugs and feature requests: Please feel free to submit feature requests and report bugs on ShapeWorks GitHub issue tracker and we will add more discussions on the issue as we do progress on this. This will help us prioritize this feature as an action item.


I am very new to ShapeWorks and made my first Statistical Shape Model with ShapeWorks studio.
I would like to have an expert opinion on my model. Could somebody help me and look at my model perhaps?

Kind regards,

Hi Anouk,

Could you share snapshots of the model? or the particles files?



I was not able to upload the particle files but here you see snapshots.

This seems to be a thin structure. I would enable surface normals during optimization. What you are seeing are particles that have bad correspondence across samples because they have lied on different sides of the surface. using surface normals during optimization should penalize this behavior.



Do you think you could post a some pictures from the original shapes? Maybe the 4x4 view of the groomed shapes with particles?