Group differences color map

Hi, I am using ShapeWorks on the seven cervical vertebrae. For all of my shape models, my color map scale in the group differences tab goes from 0.0 (dark blue) to 1.0 (red). How do I find out what these colors mean? Also, how does the order in which I choose to compare the two groups (i.e. which is in the left drop-down vs the right drop-down) affect the direction of the vectors and the color maps of each shape model? Thank you!


Hello. The intention is that the color map value indicated the amount of difference between the two groups. If your images/models units are millimeters, then the values will be millimeters.

However, I’ve discovered there’s a bug in the 6.1 release that prevents the color range from working properly. I have a fix queued up and it should be available in a development build soon.

In the mean time, you can see the correct color bar if you turn off the isosurface view button (iso).