Volumetric point to point correspondence


I was wondering if it’s possible with ShapeWorks to find point-to-point correspondence not just on the surface of a shape, but also internally. That is, is it possible to establish volume-to-volume correspondence instead of surface-to-surface correspondence? I guess the principle used to position particles will extend into volumetric data as well, but I was wondering if this ever has been coded up, or if there are any plans to do so in the future.

Thanks, Bart

Hi Bart,

Yes, this is indeed planned for the future. I don’t believe any progress has been made though.


Hi Bart,

I echo @amorris. Building volumetric correspondence models is feasible with ShapeWorks tools. Still, this path would need a bit more development from our side, including relaxing some constraints in our software that limit the model optimization for only surfaces and visualization/analysis tools for the optimized models.

Please feel free to submit a feature request on ShapeWorks GitHub issue tracker and we will add more discussions on the issue as we do progress on this. This will help us prioritize this feature as an action item.


Thanks for the response. Good to hear that this is something that is planned for the future. I’ll submit a feature request on GitHub.
Cheers, Bart