V6.3 loading newly created project very slow

Hi Team, I love the new functionality in shapeworks studio with v6.3 under windows. Like the function to mask off areas.

One problem though - as soon as I save the project and try to open it again, it takes a very, very long time to re-open and I can get a “not responding”. Each mesh (12mb) is very slow to load (about 30secs)

There are 149 of them but my resources are okay, it only hits ~11% of cpu and same for memory.

Any ideas? Worked fine under 6.2 (but don’t get the ability to mark off areas)

Hi. My best guess is that this is the free form constraint being applied to the mesh. We are working on some changes that may speed this up considerably. Do you only have this slow loading if you are using the free form constraints?

Ah, good guess. I have used free form. Didn’t think that would be culprit, given how small the free form files are. Will try without and use the plane instead. Thanks for the great work,

Just to add that this indeed mesh related. My nrrd files, which are three times the size, load quickly. Thanks Alan

This issue is being tracked here:

We’re hoping to include a fix for this in the 6.3.1 patch.

Hi, this should be greatly improved in the just released ShapeWorks 6.3.1.

While free form constraints are still not lightning fast on extremely detailed meshes, they are many many times faster than before.