Shapeworks with Jupyter notebook

I have been trying to run shapeworks in jupyter notebook, but every time I get an error which says ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘shapeworks_py’.I have reinstalled it again and again but got the same result. Can anyone help me, I am really disappointed.

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Welcome JP to the ShapeWorks discussion forum. We are working on a more clean and robust installation for the ShapeWorks’ python package. This will be available soon in the 6.1 release that is scheduled to be released this week. Please stay tuned for the release announcement and don’t hesitate to post more questions as you continue using ShapeWorks tools.


Hi @shireen,

I am desperately trying to install ShapeWorks to use it within a Juypter notebook. No matter what I’m trying, I’m always getting a “No module named ‘shapeworks_py’” error when importing Shapeworks. Do you have any suggestions? (Release 6.3.2)



Can you confirm that you have the ShapeWorks conda environment loaded (“conda activate shapeworks”). Before running a jupyter notebook, lets confirm that Python can find shapeworks:

$ conda activate shapeworks
$ python
>>> import shapeworks

Confirm that it loads without error. Then run jupyter notebook.