Environment/interpreter DeepSSM

Hi, new here.

I want to implement DeepSSM on my data with shapeworks.
Everything is installed according the instructions.
However, something is going wrong in my environment in running the scripts.
I keep on getting the error that shapeworks_py is not recognized.
I have a directory in which i copied the Python files to,
In the terminal, conda activate shapeworks is working.
I also tried to copy the install_shapeworks.bat into this directory and run it there.
The answer is probably very simple, but can someone help me with clear instructions on how to set up the environment/directories/installations?


Did you run install_shapeworks.bat from C:\Program Files\ShapeWorks from the anaconda prompt?

Hi amorris, yes I did!
I also tried to copy and run it from other directories, but found out this is not the way to fix that.

Is this the 6.5.0 release?