Procrustes scaling option in optimization (extra calculation?)


I am currently using ShapeWorks to analyze pubic symphyseal surface data.

I applied “Procrustes scaling” when optimizing but I’ve realized that the aligned pubic symphysis(PS)'s scale is not 1 as the size I got from the mean PS model was similar with the size from the sample data.

So I wonder if there are any extra calculations applied to Procrustes scaling in this software.
ex. multiplying mean to scaled result

Because I am now analyzing the shape variation through comparison of mean models of each group, but I am not sure whether I could simply comprehend my result to as it looks.

Thank you in advance!

Using procrustes (scaling and/or rotation/translation) will introduce a “procrustes_transform” column in the project spreadsheet. This transform will go from local particles to world particles. They are both provided.

If you use only scaling, then the transform should be a simple global scale.