Particles Crossing onto another Surface during Reconstruction

Greetings ShapeWorks developers and community,

My current SSM performs well for the most part. However, there are rare instances where some particles hop onto another surface during surface reconstruction:

Screenshot 2024-01-22 150941

I’ve been grooming the samples well, so I wonder if there might be a specific optimization parameter I can tune to prevent these particle jumps from occurring.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Do the particles seem to be in correspondence across shapes otherwise?

The image you’ve shared indicates to me that there is a missed correspondence between the template reference mesh (median shape) and this particular sample.

If you visualize the PCA, are particles swapping and moving all over the place, or are they well behaved?

You can also hover over a particle in the sample display and press ‘1’ to have that particle highlighted on all others.

If it is a bad correspondence, I would perhaps add more initialization iterations to make sure each level of the optimization is reaching a good steady state before splitting.