Particle optimization without initialization

Hey! I already have PDMs of my shapes available with very nice correspondences, but they contain a lot (20000+) of particles which can be a problem for future use because calculation can become heavy. I can only use for example 1/10 of this amount to represent the shape, but then the distribution over the surfaces is less good, as it is hard to say which of the original particles I should keep for usage. Hence, I was wondering if there is a way of doing only the optimization step without running the initizalitation step? In this way I can use the original PDMs and take for example 1/10 of the original particles to initialize them, but then optimize it so that the distribution is improved.

I hope this question is clear. Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can run optimization only and skip the initialization step. To do this in ShapeWorksStudio, you need to provide the initial particles as “landmarks” for each shape and then there is an option to initialize using landmarks. As long as the number of requested particles is not more than the initial landmarks, no initialization will take place and it will only optimize the existing particles (landmarks).