Bad optimization at the edge of open surfaces

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on dataset of cardiac epicardium that are open surfaces. I am managing to get a good optimization and overall correspondence of the particles in the domain, but the correspondence (and reconstruction) of the edge of the surface is still quite poor (see screenshot).

Did you have ever encountered similar problems or do you have any suggestion on how I can improve this?

Thanks in advance!


First I would make sure the meshes have a clean open edge. Depending on how the meshes were created, there can be some problems at the edges, particular when operations like smoothing are applied.

Second, the openings are particularly challenging for the correspondence because when the particle splitting happens, the particles sometimes get out of correspondence and need to move past each other to get back into correspondence, but at the edges, there is only half as much area to try to force around another particle. I would look to the initialization phase and perhaps increase the number of initialization iterations and increase the “initial relative weighting” to give the “mean force” more favor.